Production and Forecast Reports

Gain valuable insights to global weather and its impact on crops

Throughout the entire crop lifecycle, businesses from seed and fertilizer suppliers, farmers, importers and exporters, food companies and government agencies to commodity traders all have a vested interest in the world’s food supply. MDA’s Production and Forecast Reports offer a complete agribusiness and crop analysis of agricultural weather and crop production for major crops around the world. These daily and weekly reports focus on global weather trends and the resulting crop yield and production impacts. In addition to weather maps and crop-focused discussions, detailed and proprietary acreage, yield and production forecasts are provided to assist users in anticipating potential impacts on global commodity markets.

Access MDA’s agricultural production and forecast reports

  • Global Agro Highlights: 15 day weather forecast for all major growing areas around the world. Also includes:
    • Text discussions of weather’s impact on crop yields and production for each growing region
    • Maps of key growing areas
    • Tables showing past and forecast precipitation coverage of crop areas
  • Midday Update: Highlights changes in the midday run of the American (GFS) weather model and any changes to the official MDA forecast
  • Sunday Update: Weekend weather recap as well as an early look at the forecast for the upcoming week for global grains/oilseeds regions
  • Weekly Feedgrains and Oilseeds: Weekly global update of past and forecast weather, vegetative health imagery and MDA’s own harvested acreage, yield and production estimates
  • Softs Reports: Daily and weekly updates of past and forecast weather and crop impacts in the major global coffee, cocoa and sugar producing areas
  • Region-Focused Reports: Weekly updates of weather, crop conditions and MDA’s own production estimates for regional areas such as Europe, Former Soviet Union, China, Australia, South America, etc.
  • Monthly Hotspots: Long range temperature and precipitation forecasts for all major growing areas around the world, along with crop impact discussions for each region

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