Weather Models

Gain access to global forecast weather data from the entire suite of European, American and Canadian weather model data

Average temperature departures from normal during the 1-5 day period across Europe. The blues indicate areas that will be below average which in winter would signal the risk for increased energy usage. 
The above 120 hour cumulative precipitation model highlights regions where the heaviest precipitation is expected to fall within the designated time period.  

Weather models are critical tools used by meteorologists, traders and analysts across many industries to guide and enhance daily business decisions. For example, those with interests in Ag Weather use MDA’s weather models to estimate weather’s impact on crop health and potential commodity prices. Energy industries use MDA’s weather models to evaluate potential extreme weather events and their impact on energy usage. 

MDA’s Weather Models page, housed within Weather Desk™, includes global forecast weather data for multiple parameters from the entire suite of European, American and Canadian model data, both operational and ensemble. Users can:

  • View maps, station data, and other derived outputs such as teleconnections and data plumes
  • Evaluate anomalies in the forecasts and compare to previous forecast runs
  • Get a larger picture with the 4-Panel Viewer; evaluate four model runs at once
  • Access verifications for the model runs over the past 1-15 days compared to yesterday, the past week and past month to evaluate how each run has been performing 

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