Terrain Analysis

Mapping suitable helicopter landing zones for delivering humanitarian aid

Complex terrain can be a challenge for delivering humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, particularly in remote areas. MDA uses proprietary analysis techniques to characterize terrain features and identify suitable landing zones for four types of military helicopters, in multiple formations, under daytime and nighttime conditions. These maps are suitable for strategic planning/pre-staging applications.

The example below is a 30 meter resolution Helicopter Landing Zone map for a two-aircraft formation of MV-22b Ospreys. The map identifies key areas of open vegetation and slopes of 13% or less (green) that are suitable for landing these aircraft. Key areas of interest include the small pocket of suitability nestled within rougher terrain and dense vegetation (circle). In the event that personnel need access to that remote location, our assessment offers confidence that the aircraft can successfully deploy.

Suitable helicopter landing zones for the MV22-B Osprey are identified by MDA’s proprietary land cover and terrain analysis models.