Space Control 

Improve space situational awareness (SSA)

An ever increasing number of objects are in orbit around the Earth. From small satellites to space junk, identification and consistent monitoring of the physical location of these objects is vital to ensure safe operation of valuable assets and provide warnings of potential hazards from debris. MDA develops smallsats and sensors capable of searching for, tracking and identifying the expanding number of debris objects on orbit as well as the increasing number of satellites launched by other nations.  

Low cost solutions for managing space traffic

MDA’s low cost space control capabilities utilize both space and ground platforms to conduct SSA, defensive space control (DSC) and offensive space control (OSC), enhancing space protection, resiliency and the counterspace mission. Special algorithms support the search, detection and tracking of objects in space while specialized software characterizes and identifies space objects for risk assessment. 

Choose MDA for your space control needs

  • Decades of experience supporting the space control community
  • Strong legacy with the Sapphire satellite system, an operational space-based SSA system 
  • Advanced and proven specialized algorithms

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Did you know?

Sapphire is a MDA built and operated space-based SSA system that is part of Air Force Space Command’s Space Surveillance Network (SSN). It conducts precise tracking and identification of resident space objects.