Soil Mapping

Globally consistent solutions for soil and terrain mapping

When preparing for your next mission or project, you need accurate, reliable and consistent planning aids that apply anywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations.

MDA’s soil mapping solution generated the first 30 meter resolution soils map with near global coverage to help mission planners prepare and deploy field resources with maximum efficiency. The superior resolution and broad area coverage of MDA’s soils maps enable higher fidelity terrain characterization than previously possible, especially in remote locations.


MDA’s soils maps contribute critical information about potential soil conditions to enhance other geospatial models, such as Vehicle Mobility. In this example of Heavy Combat Vehicle Mobility, the dry riverbed and silty soils in the surrounding floodplain (soils map, upper right) become much more difficult to traverse in seasonally wet conditions (lower right) than in dry conditions (lower left).

Modeling the impact of soil conditions on critical field operations

By emphasizing the soils’ engineering properties, rather than their agricultural potential, our maps reveal how soil conditions impact critical field operations, including:

  • Vehicle mobility for multiple vehicle types
  • Avoiding zones with high flood potential, under variable degrees of soil saturation
  • Finding ideal locations for constructing roads and airfields
  • Identifying useful construction materials

MDA’s soils maps aid many important applications

  • Ground mission planning
  • Emergency response planning in remote, rugged or less accessible areas
  • Flood zone mapping
  • Land use planning
  • Mining, oil and gas exploration
  • Engineering/construction zone characterization for roads, airfields and other critical infrastructure