Agricultural Weather Services

Gain valuable insights to help predict fluctuations in agricultural markets 

Weather events present both risks and opportunities for commodity traders; grain/oilseed, cocoa, coffee and sugar importers/exporters; food companies; government agencies and many other parties interested in the world's food supply. With such large capital investments at stake, turn to MDA Weather Services for comprehensive agricultural weather forecasting and modeling information to guide your decision making. MDA’s agribusiness products integrate meteorological and high resolution satellite data with crop model simulations and ground-truth inventories to provide continuously updated agricultural weather information 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Our unique resources allow MDA to remain on the cutting edge of technology, providing the most unique premium agricultural weather services in the industry. 

Maximize productivity and minimize risk with
MDA’s interactive Weather Desk™ 

MDA’s agricultural weather products and services translate weather data into actionable information. Within MDA’s powerful Weather Desk™,
you will have access to

  • Daily global forecast outlooks
  • Daily and weekly crop and region specific report outlooks
  • Yield/production estimates
  • Seasonal forecasts

Access information for complete crop life-cycle management

Gain an upper hand when planning:

  • Planting and harvesting timelines
  • Insect pest development probabilities
  • Livestock/poultry heat stress
  • Crop disease prediction
  • Major crop events prediction
  • Resource planning

Did you know? 

After the unpredictable and drastic affects the 1972 Russian Great Grain Robbery had on global commodities market, the United States government tasked MDA to develop a worldwide crop monitoring and modelling system which could predict crop developments and estimate global production yields.This system was the genesis of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) and the technology served as the basis for MDA Weather Services' CROPCAST®.  


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