Image Restoration: OptiVista®

Transform remote sensing optical imagery into finer resolution multi-spectral imagery

Remote sensors are recording data of the earth’s surface at an ever growing rate. OptiVista® transforms this raw data into finer resolution, multi-spectral Earth observation images to support many levels of intelligence, planning and commercial uses, including:

  • Mapping
  • Regional and urban planning
  • Municipal ordinance compliance
  • Resource planning
  • Disaster relief
  • Target characterization
  • Change detection
  • Utilities
  • Forestry

Enhance resolution while maintaining accurate spectral and radiometric information

Unlike many PAN sharpening software techniques available on the market today, image restoration using OptiVista® produces fine resolution imagery while preserving spectral and radiometric source information for full exploitation of these data.

Optimized for each specific satellite sensor

OptiVista®’s technology is optimized for each specific satellite sensor to achieve much higher quality than generic, off-the-shelf PAN sharpening techniques. OptiVista works with existing sensors in orbit and will work with new sensors as they are deployed, enabling small satellites to meet evolving market imagery demand.

Quickly view and analyze your imagery

OptiVista® is an intuitive, easy to use program that requires little to no training. It can be provided as a secure appliance, a virtual machine, or operate in a cloud on your existing hardware so you can be up and running in no time.

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