The only global cloud free mosaic in the last 16 years

Beautiful, vibrant color
The only complete, current global mosaic
Effective 15 meter resolution
99.99% cloud free

 The advantages of NATURALVUE® 2.0

  • Up to date using over 95% Landsat 8 imagery from 2014-2016

  • Global coverage delivers seamless imagery 

  • Improved spatial resolution: effective spatial resolution to ~15 meters provides an enhanced visual experience   

  • Improved positional accuracy:  +/- 12.6 meter positional accuracy

  • Natural color: processed with natural colors (RGB channels) to reflect the Earth’s true colors

  • Cloud free imagery even for areas with persistent cloud coverage

  • Annual maintenance program ensures your data stays up to date

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Image Gallery

Salton Sea, California Salton Sea, California

Rio de Janiero Rio de Janiero

Venice, Italy Venice, Italy

Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon

San Francisco Bay, California San Francisco Bay, California

Zion National Park, Utah Zion National Park, Utah
Eye of the Sahara Eye of the Sahara

Palm Islands, United Arab Emirates Palm Islands, United Arab Emirates

Glaciers, Patagonia, Argentina Glaciers, Patagonia, Argentina

Lake Yamma Yamma, Australia Lake Yamma Yamma, Australia

Rondonia, Brazil Rondonia, Brazil

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