Weather Data

Weather data goes beyond just numbers. It drives your business planning. 

No matter your industry, weather’s impact poses large risks to your business. Whether in agriculture, power and gas distribution, commodity trading, insurance, transportation or manufacturing, having access to cleaned, timely and accurate weather data can empower your decision making and mitigate risk.

Manage climate risk with cleaned climate and synoptic weather data

When MDA’s proprietary cleaning methodologies detect missing or erroneous values, an estimated value is replaced by MDA’s expert meteorologists. This results in more real-time information that is more complete and accurate over other publicly available weather data.

Data are available for historical, observed and forecast information on a global scale

MDA has access to weather data from thousands of weather stations available across the world. Our access to these stations enables us to provide weather data for remote areas void of any weather station information. Access daily and hourly data for:

  • Temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Snowfall
  • Wind
  • Cloud cover
  • Solar

Tap into MDA’s hourly and daily 20-day weather forecasts

Weather patterns can vary significantly hour to hour and day to day. MDA’s hourly and daily 20-day forecasts are available for thousands of cities in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan so you always have access to the latest forecasts for your business planning needs.

MDA in action

MDA Weather Services’ data products serve as the baseline for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) and are used by key participants in the over-the-counter weather contracts market to reconcile trades. Working closely with national meteorological agencies around the world, we ensure the data reported accurately reflect meteorological conditions in a world where raw data often does not.

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