Open Source Exploitation

Turning complex, publicly available data into useful information

New open-source data is being created at an amazing rate. Last year alone Facebook had over 1.8 billion users. Twitter now averages 500 million tweets per day. Over 34 billion photos are on Instagram, and 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. Being able to efficiently and effectively exploit this data continues to be a growing challenge. Whether it comes from satellites, social media, crowd-based sources, environmental sensors or other web-connected devices, we are a trusted partner for governments and organizations to mine these freely available sources and derive the critical information they need to identify and mitigate risks, anticipate opportunities and enable informed decisions.

An analysis of Tweets and open source photographs from Sanaa, Yemen, identifies the likely boundaries of ethnic neighborhoods, based on the language used in the social media posts.

MDA’s open source data solutions include: 

  • Pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Infrastructure/asset threat monitoring
  • Open-source and crowd-sourced intelligence from social media
  • Behavioral analysis models from financial, social, business and physical terrains
  • Language identification and distribution
  • Population location and movement visualization
  • Social media web harvesting and data formatting
  • Machine translation services
  • High volume text clustering and classification
  • Design and engineering consulting services for big data systems

Tailored products relevant to your mission

We monitor and analyze these open data feeds upstream from the end-user and deliver application-specific information products, enabling our customer’s limited resources to be applied closer to the decision point and not on the underlying systems and infrastructure. Our systems are tuned to efficiently gather and format data, identify patterns and anomalies and create tailored products relevant to missions ranging from asset protection to national security. Our team regularly upgrades our system’s capacity through the integration of new data feeds and development of new analytic algorithms. 

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MDA in action

In the threat window and immediate aftermath of typhoon Haiyan which struck the Philippines in November 2013, MDA analysts were called upon by the U.S. Marine Corps to provide valuable ground intelligence aggregated from open sources in support of a humanitarian response delivering life-saving supplies to thousands of disaster victims.  

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