Production Agriculture Analytics

Combining weather and satellite imagery for valuable insight for agricultural markets

Food production is a high risk operation. Accurate weather forecasts and database modeling are essential components that empower decision makers and end users alike within the agricultural market. MDA’s meteorologists and geospatial analysts work to help our customers make timely decisions and manage risk. We leverage historic weather data, ensemble based forecasts and image data inputs from satellites and UAVs to customize a suite of products and solutions to support our customers.  MDA produces spatial data and information reports to support agricultural commodity traders, production agriculturalists, crop insurers, and government agencies. 

MDA’s expertise includes:

  • Crop identification/mapping for large areas
  • Crop health monitoring over the growing season
  • Production estimates and yield forecasting
  • Weather impact analysis
  • Food security analysis
  • Application building and design for precision agriculture
  • Data collection and warehousing for reporting

Subscription products, data feeds and customized solutions

MDA has a series of subscription products we provide to our customers in the agriculture business. In addition, we provide on-demand data feeds via API. We also customize electronic delivery of files based on client systems and requirements. MDA works with customers to build cloud based applications customized to run analytics specific to their requirements. We will work with you through all phases of algorithm development, product prototyping and testing, solution building and hosting. 

Contact us to find out how we can leverage technology to better agriculture yields.